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Mediterranean School on Modeling & Multi-scale Imagery in Earth Sciences

Algiers Spring School | May 10 To 19th, 2016


Prof. Mohamed Hamoudi and Prof. Abderahmane Bendaoud


 The Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Country Planning (FSTGAT/USTHB) & the Research Center in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Geophysics (CRAAG)



 The Directorate general of Scientific Research and of Technological Development (DGRSDT)


This initiative aims at training and introducing young researchers and PhD students to different methods of digital imaging analysis and modeling used in the Geosciences field. Observation and image analysis in the Geosciences covers a wide range of scales, ranging from the mineral- to the planet-scale. The school has multiple interests ranging from fundamental understanding of Earth mechanisms, to applications in the socio-economic sector with the exploration of solid and fluid mineral resources, their mapping and identification as well as modeling their genesis. The school will take place at the FSTGAT/USTHB during 10 days from May 10 to 19th, 2016. This is an international event that is aimed at gathering Young researchers and PhD students in Geosciences from Mediterranean universities across the region. The school will welcome up to 30 participants and acceptance hall be carried out following scientific selection procedures based on the quality of submitted abstracts. Data used during this school can be obtained from a SEM and/or acquired from different remote sensing platforms (ESA: ERS 1 &2, Envisat, ALOS). The training team is constituted of leading international scientists and across various fields including geology, geophysics and remote sensing. The lectures are mainly given in French, while some will be in English.