Mediterranean School on Modeling & Multi-scale Imagery in Earth Sciences

Algiers Spring School | May 10 To 19th, 2016

You will find here a resume of the conferences given during the Spring School 2016, this program is currently being validated and maybe slightly modified depending on availability and requirements of speakers. The conferences will focus on five specific topics :

1- Mathematical Methods in Geosciences

This topic englobe classical and modern mathematical procedures as applied to the real problems confronting  geoscientists.

2-Geology of the Hoggar and the adjacent areas

This topic will focus on the multi-approach studies performed in the Hoggar and surrounding areas. 

3-Remote Sensing & Satellite Imagery

This session will especially highlight the potential applications and uses of remote sensing to guide and help different Earth Sciences fields within their two classical families (Optical & Radar).


4-Geological Modeling (Thermodynamics, Geodynamics...etc)

This session will contain both of large scale modeling (Geodynamics, lava flows...) and small scale modeling (Pseudo-Sections).

5-Geophysical Modeling

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